Sunday, September 18, 2011

key NPCs of the Caves of Myrddin area

William of Crevan, Castellan of Bottreaux - Castle Bottreaux is the nearest seat of Anglo-Norman power in the area, a motte and bailey castle about five miles from the Caves of Myrddin and the Abbey of St. Emmet.  Like most Cornish lords, the holder of Bottreaux spends most of his time in the more civilized eastern end of the island or in France, so his chosen man William of Crevan is the defacto ruler of the region.  The craggy-faced grey-haired Sir William is noted for being more fair-minded and even-handed than most of the Norman lords in Cornwall, but he's suspicious of the shady characters plundering the dungeons in the region.

Father Sithny, Vicar of Endeltstow - One of the highest ranking churchmen in the area, Father Sithny is a bitter old son of a bitch.  He's an ambitious man approaching middle age who perceives all too keenly the glass ceiling for Cornishmen in the Norman-dominated church.

Dremelza, Witch of Camelton - This talented young peasant woman is said to be versed in arcane spells beyond her years.  She is known to identify magic items for gold, gem or jewel, but beware her wrath.  She's already turned one PC into a pig. 

Father Wendron, Abbot of St. Emmet - Father Abbot is the sort of canny fellow who plays the white-haired fool when necessary to keep the agents of the Bishop out of Abbey business.  He's well aware of the kind of debauchery that goes on in the guest house of the Abbey whenever adventurers come back from the dungeons loaded with riches, but he chooses to turn a blind eye to such liveliness rather than discourage anyone from continuing the fight against the evils under Castle Dundagel. 

Ewella the Alewife - Since adventurers arrived in the region, this jolly old widow has been working her ass off keeping you all supplied with sufficient beverages.  Her own household, those of her two daughters-in-law and several other kinsmen now spend every spare moment brewing as much ale as they can.  She also occasionally puts you in contact with local poachers so that you have some decent meat to go with your drink.  A fine ol' gal all around, even if she does charge you more than she does local peasants.

Merwik the Merchant - This shady Welshman sells you a lot of the weapons, armor and miscellaneous supplies you expend in plundering the dungeons.  Most of these goods are of dubious quality and over-priced to boot, but what can you do in the middle of this blighted land?  Some of you are starting to suspect that he buys much of his wares from the pirates of Lundy Island.