Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boy, I suck at close-up type shots...

...but I wanted to show you these guys anyway.

IG-666 is an original Kenner IG-88 with hat made of Sculpey and robe made of a foam sheet from a craft store.  The tiny rubber chicken I found in an art store for a dime.  It fits in his claw perfectly.  I'm going to take another shot at crafting a decent hat and robe.  If I can produce satisfactory results at this scale I'll probably make the same get-up for my twelve inch IG-88.

The Shockmaster was made from a figure of the fat guy who weeps when the Rancor gets it in Return of the Jedi.  The trench coat with single shoulder pad was swiped from some Expanded Universe jabroni, while the helmet comes from one of the few Stormtroopers that are issued with removable headgear.  My buddy Pat put this guy together for me.  He also gave me the 12" IG-88 a few years back.  Dude's a pretty cool cat.