Tuesday, November 30, 2010

one of the odder posts I've made in a while

Last night I drifted off to sleep while watching some Fraggle Rock with my daughter.  I could probably get a post out of the strange ecology at work in that show, but if someone else want's to tackle it, please go ahead.  Anyway, someone woke me up with a phone call.  I don't remember the name but the dude was trying to track down rights to one of the pics I used in a Shatnerday post.  This one, I think.  Anyway, I hope I wasn't rude to the guy, as I barely remember the sleep-addled replies I gave him.  I asked him to email me the query but maybe I screwed up the addy.  Either way, I don't know who created the picture or who owns the rights to it, but for everybody at home here's a tip courtesy my buddy Pat: tineye.com will look this crap up for you.  You give tineye a picture file and it conjures up places on the web where it can be found.  Mystery caller, I hope one of those 8 links gets you where you need to go.