Wednesday, June 10, 2009

they had a sale on ellipses

So my daughter got a Happy Meal the other day with a Night at the Museum 2 themed toy.

That's supposed to be a monkey astronaut emerging from his tiny space capsule, but when I looked at it dead on like this...

...all I could see was this... this...

Wouldn't the Doctor visiting the Planet of the Apes be totally awesome? And imagining Daleks with little monkeys inside them, running the machines with little clockwork levers, is cracking me up.

You know what else could use some intelligent apes? Star Trek. Consider the awesomeness of a timeline where the Apes movies (at least the ones where the humans and apes eventually got along) formed part of 'ancient' Earth history. You could have apes in Star Fleet uniforms working alongside the humans and vulcans.