Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Shatnerday from the Twilight Zone


  1. I off to TrekFest this morning; The Shat won't be there but three of his other cronies will be. Now where did I put those specimens so I can get skin samples for cloning?

  2. A still from the alternate universe movie "The Picture of Gordian Broon"? That's some weird and scary Shatneria.

  3. @Chris

    I thought it was from the Twillight Zone episode where the Shat sees that creature (although I remember wings and demon not a suit, mixing it up with the movie remake?) is outside ripping up the wing and engine of the plane.

    He freaks and of course no one believes there's something out on the wing.

    I forget the ending. In fact the only twilight ending I can recall right now is "How to serve Humans" is a cookbook.

  4. episode highlights: