Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vacation Week, day 7

This is a pic of a toy designed to resemble a Burgess Shale fossil. In other words something like the monstrosity above once actually lived. If I ever find one of these bad boys I'm going to use it as a mini in a D&D game. And lo, there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.


  1. wulfgar6:19 AM

    oooooh...a spikey carrion crawler!

  2. Even the name, Hallucigenia, rocks. Not so terrifying in real life, of course, at 0.5 to 3 cm long -- though it's all a matter of scale I suppose.

    Any info on who makes the model, Jeff?

  3. There was an article in Dragon 204 called "Creatures That Time Forgot", by Greg Detwiler, that featured monster versions of Burgess Shale creatures. They were dual-statted for AD&D 2e & the Bughunters Amazing Engine game.

    Plus check out this woman's homemade Opabinia.

    That's not as lewd as it sounds.

  4. You can find the article's stats for Hallucigenia here:

  5. Just looking at that thing freaks me out. Last night I had some bizarre dream about a 3" long REALLY fast bug that looked half-millipede, half-cockroach, half army ant, and could jump a distance of like, six feet at a leap. It would actually pick up pebbles and throw them at you, and it was trying to jump on me and bite me. I woke up with my skin absolutely crawling...

  6. Any info on who makes the model, Jeff?

    Japanese toymaker Kaiyodo, as part of series 3 of their DinoTales line.