Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dear RPGnet: WTF?

Fool that I am this week I allowed myself to get drawn into the latest round of RPGnet/theRPGsite animosity. I'm not posting to comment on that debacle, other than to note that I should be smart enough to realize such antics do neither site any good. Instead, this post is devoted to being completely flabbergasted at an ad that appeared on my computer while I was visiting RPGnet.

I've noted before how little I like banner ads that focus on anonymous female anatomy. But to juxtapose some cartoon chick's rack with a logo that says "RACE WAR"? That's a whole new level of effed up. Do ads not get vetted before being served up on RPGnet's banners? Or did someone think RACE WAR + tits was a great ad for the RPGnet audience? I just don't understand what's going on here, but I sure as hell don't think running such an ad does much for RPGnet's image.

When I squint I can see the word "Kingdoms" in between the words RACE and WAR. And the link goes to some sort of online game called Race War Kingdoms that's probably about elves and orcs killing each other for fun. I'm sincerely hoping that the game was developed by a non-English speaker, because "the upcoming Race War" is one term the goddamn Illinois Nazis and the KKK use for their long-awaited apocalyptic battle between White and Evil. I know that's the first thing I thought of when I saw the words "RACE WAR".