Sunday, May 04, 2008

I am a villain of the basest sort.

I went to Free Comic Book Day and didn't buy a damn thing. I will offer up two points in defense of this churlish behavior:

1) You would not believe the money I've spent at my local shop on Bronze Age comics. Sure, it wasn't much per issue, but since when did The Human Fly sell for more than cover price? Three bucks a mag is way more than anyone should pay for that sort of thing.

2) The 501st were out to promote the event and my daughter was absolutely freaked out by Vader and his homies. She's actually a big Star Wars fan, but anyone in a full-body costume tends to give her the jibblies.

Anyway, below is one of my favorite panels from this year's Simpson's freebie. In the previous panel superheroes have just been banned from operating in Springfield.
I'm still working through all the stuff I nabbed, but Atomic Robo and Tiny Titans were both fun reads. The Archie freebie seemed a little off, as it spent some time explaining to readers a method for stealing valuable comic books. WTF?


  1. Did you read the Gumby comic? I loved Gumby as a kid, but that thing gave me nightmares. Also, I really dug the Matt Groening piece in the Hellboy comic, with the crew from Futurama done up like the Hellboy cast.

  2. I think Gumby has been given over to Bob Burden of Flaming Carrot at this point, so the nightmares are the intent.

    I didn't pick anything up because they usually have a sale, but didn't this year. I was all set to grab some more Doom Patrol.

  3. That explains it. When I say Bob Burden for some reason I was thinking Bob Layton. I was confused as to why a guy who used to do Iron Man was now doing Gumby. Still... what a bizarre turn of events for the little green lump of clay!

  4. My flgs was smart enough to have a 20% off everything sale on free comic day, so I rewarded them by buying the new Mongoose Traveller game there. And my kids got a lot of free comics. :)

  5. I just read the Gumby this morning. That was quite a trip, in a brown acid sort of way.

  6. I’ve never felt obligated to buy something on Free Comic Book Day before.

    This year, however, there was the perfect storm of a new RPG being out that I was interested in, it not having been out long enough for me to have talked myself out of buying it, and having a bit of left-over cash earmarked for splurging on myself.