Wednesday, May 21, 2008

FYI: don't mess with the Chief

Calling the Chief a cripple?  Ill-advised.
From volume 1 of the collected run of Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol.


  1. Mike Kuciak11:52 AM

    The English language is a crude tool for describing how much I love the Doom Patrol. One of the best comic runs by anybody, ever.

  2. Ah that brings back memories!

    It was a Silver Age Sentinels game. My character had massive regeneration, effective immortality, was highly athletic and acrobatic, and beaucoup military and weapons experience going back more than a century; he was kind of like the bastard child of Milo Morai and Dirty Harry as trained by Miller's Dark Knight and Wolverine. And of course, his true nature was a secret.

    When each of the members of the prospective "team" (i.e., the PCs, who did not know each other) were introduced to each other at a meeting to which they were invited by an unknown host, we were all quite curious.

    When our slimy-looking corporate-suit-type host told us how he and "his organization" knew all our secrets, and that we would be working for "his people" henceforth, of course the first thing I did was ask the guy just who they thought they were. He demurred, saying that "you don't need to know, just do what you are told."

    I then told the guy "Well, back in 'Nam we had ways of making people talk," pulled out my gun, and shot him in the leg. He fell to the ground screaming, so I jammed my stiletto in the wound and whispered in his ear, "Tell me what I want to know or you die in terrible pain..."

    Things went downhill from there. Well, the GM didn't tell us he was looking for something more "Four-Color Marvel All Ages" style. I don't think that the GM intended for things to go down that way, and I knocked the railroad waaay off its tracks...

  3. Morrison's Doom Patrol is probably my all time favorite comic. Man I loved that book, one of the few comics I go back and reread every few years and every times it blows me away.

  4. I'm just as big of a fan of Doom Patrol, and I'm overjoyed every time a new collection of it comes out and gets scooped up by my eager little hands.