Friday, May 02, 2008

Help! WoAdWriMo!

Next month I'd like to do Worldwide Adventure Writing Month again, but since Martin put Treasure Tables on hibernation I need a new host. I had hopes that theRPGsite would be the new home of WoAdWriMo, but the present server crisis and need for better software makes that a no-go.

I'll make a new Yahoo Group if I need to, but does anyone have any other ideas for a place that can host the finished adventures and maybe a discussion forum? The forum was relatively low-key last time, but the download section needs to be able to handle at least a couple thousand 5 or 10 MB downloads over the course of a week.

Incidentally, the WoAdWriMo challenge will change in one regard this year. I had originally called for people to try to write adventures of 32 pages in length. In retrospect, I think that parameter discouraged more people than it motivated. So I'm removing that limit entirely. If you want to contribute a single brief encounter to the WoAdWriMo effort, we'll take it. Anything you want to submit that might help a GM where the dice hit the table is welcome.