Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Coolest Thing I’ve Read This Week*

Lobster Johnson es muy macho!
Beginning with Lobster Johnson vs. Black Magic (1951), most of the films start the same way. A large black car, usually driven by a woman in a black dress and veil, pulls into an unnamed town. In the back seat is an old man, or sometimes, a mummy-like corpse. As the sun sets, the old man (or corpse) magically transforms into a masked crimefighter who then usually battles aliens or Satan. In Lobster Johnson vs. the Inferno (1954), he fought both. In Lobster Johnson and the Circus of Hell (1953), he fought Death himself, and over the closing credits, Death sang a song.
That’s from “The True History of Lobster Johnson” installment found in issue #4 of Lobster Johnson: The Iron Prometheus. But don’t go scouring the video stores and such for Lobster Johnson on DVD. Author Mike Mignola is a dirty, dirty liar. I mean that in the nicest way possible. He made up the awesome character Lobster Johnson and his completely fake media history, too.

*And that’s saying something. I’ve been reading Warren Ellis and Grant Morrison, too. And a couple of neat books about heraldry.