Thursday, June 22, 2006

this is totally blowing my mind, man

This item comes courtesy of Traveller 3-D graphics man Andrew Boulton, posting at Citizens of the Imperium. Some of you may remember the old hospital show St. Elsewhere, most notable in my mind as the last time Howie Mandel was entertaining. It was revealed in the final season of St. Elsewhere that the whole show took place inside the dreamings of an autistic child, much like the way the entire seventh season of Dallas had been Pam Ewing's dream. The dream season of Dallas was problematic for the fans of Dallas spin-off Knots Landing, as Bobby Ewing's death in Dallas season 7 was part of the plot of that show as well. Since Bobby was still dead in Knots Landing, one could conclude that Knots Landing from that point forward was all part of Pam's dream as well!

Well, Tommy Westphall's Mind - A Multiverse Explored totally blows the Dallas/Knots Landing situation out of the water. Site maintainers CorssoverMan and Smash have tracked over 200 TV shows with connections to St. Elsewhere. They maintain that all of these shows must also be occurring within the mind of Tommy Westphall. And these are not all obscure shows that no one has ever heard of, either. We're talking about X-files, Cheers, and I Love frickin' Lucy! You thought you were watching a TV show, but you were wrong. You're just getting a glimpse into one of the infinite worlds within Tommy Westphall's dreams! This insane spiderweb of interconnections is panstakingly documented and graphed in the way only obsessed geekotronic fans can.

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