Wednesday, June 28, 2006

RIP Odolan and Bon Voyage Greyson

Last night's D&D game had some personnel shake-ups. Jonathan retired Greyson, his shapeshifting druid/spririt shaman. Since Greyson almost always took the form of a ginormous bear, last night's combat was the first in a long time to not feature the grappling rules. Greyson was replaced by Theravul (sp?), a Phrenic Human duskblade/spellthief/arcane duelist/kitchen sink and his handy cleric cohort Gregor Guntherson. Odolan the Tiefling taught us all a valuable lesson: don't taunt a dragon in its native tongue. Especially a Half-Fiend Dragon capable of casting destruction on your sorry ass. Jon, Odolan's player, now holds the distinction of losing two characters in the campaign.

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