Thursday, May 11, 2006

Don't Eat The Fish

Last night was another weird and exciting adventure in the World of Alidor. If you ever happen to be near the haunted ruins of Brunarn, don't fish in the stream that runs nearby. The party's peasant lackey pulled in some trout while we were in the dungeon. My guy was cheerily chomping on a campfire-roasted filet when our yokel mentioned that the fish continued to squirm long after he chopped the heads off. The taste of zombie trout will haunt me forever.

You'd think it'd be hard for the DM to freak us out even more after that, but Jon pulled it off. We're in a small boat looking for the local equivalent of the Loch Ness Monster in a lake of unknown depth. And we're stupid enough to be wearing our armor when the monster attacks our little boat. Were taking on huge amounts of water as we try to beat down the underwater monster. Turns out the Wookie Hole lake critter was a small black dragon. Who knew? So after a harrowing throwdown on a sinking rowboat, we are now officially Dragon Slayers. We all agreed that we should pose for a shot with it just like that great illo in the 2nd edition Player's Handbook. Anyone else remember that one? And I got to conjure up a Celestial Porpoise, a summoned monster that I never actually expected to use.


  1. I was 1 point from falling out of the boat on my last save. Yikes!

  2. Strange synchronicity...

    In my Wednesday night game this week (the one that stopped me from playing in Alidor), my druid turned into a porpoise in order to fight some sort of cave dragon thing in an underground river.

    I ended up killing it with Splinterbolt, declaring that I was a dolphin with laser-eyes.

  3. Almost as cool as a shark with fricking lasers ;)

  4. I'd considered a shark, but speed and echolocation were priorities.

  5. A celestial porpoise. That's nice. I'd never have ever thought anyone would have wanted to conjure that outside of, say, a Stormwrack campaign.

    If I were the GM though, I might have given the porpoise a disadvantage or two for being in fresh as opposed to salt water, though.