Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another House Rule for my D&D campaign

Robert Wiese's potion miscibility rules are now the law of the land in my campaign. Layering multiple potions effects at one time just does not sit well with me. Blame it on the earlier miscibility chart from the 1st edition DMG.

I really ought to get all my crazy house rules put together in a handout for my players. Maybe I could throw in a definitive section on replacement PCs.


  1. No tieflings that fall down all the time ;)

  2. And here I was about to email Jon to suggest he take the Drunken Master prestigae class, just so he would have more reasons to be falling down.

  3. We may wind up as Drunken Masters if he keeps this up ;)

  4. Darwane2:17 PM

    Angus, my friend, it is slapstick.

    Uther kept him around as a jester, didn't he?