Thursday, May 25, 2006

Alidor and more

I'd like to thank all my friends that have come out of the woodwork to offer to lend me DVDs and videotapes based upon yesterday's post. You guys rock! At last night's World of Alidor session Doug put a copy of Pirates of the Carribbean into my hands. Stuart promises to bring me up to speed on Serenity. And Pat is digging though his collection, too. Doug also handed me a Player's Handbook II, which he bought for me. Awesome! When I said I would allow players to use stuff from whatever books I owned, I never really expected anyone to start buying me shiny hardbacks.

Last night my mighty hero Dolph and his half-brothers Dix and Arthandrial faced off against the fanatical metrosexual soulknife/wizard orcs from the lost tortoise city. I gotta hand it to Jon, the DM. With these guys he really made me take orcs seriously again. When an orc with perfect hair and a manicure whips out a psionic lightsabre you sit up and notice. So now in this campaign we've beaten a dragon and some orcs. My guy could die next session and I'd still be happy as a clam.


  1. Wait until we chip in to buy a copy of Iron Heroes ;)

  2. Something similar happened during the last D&D3E campaign I ran.

    I too have a policy of not allowing anything from a book or supplement that I do not personally own. At the time of this campaign the three biggies (MM, PHB, & DMG) were out, and the character splatbooks (Tome & Blood, Defenders of the Faith, Farts and Fingerpaints, etc.) were just starting to show up.
    I had already seen this go 'round with 2E and the whole "Complete (insert character/race type here) Handbook" and was not about to drop $20 a book for the next cycle of money bilking.

    Well, the December holidays came 'round and what did I find my players handing me but shiny new copies of each of the splats. Strangely enough, each person gave me the splatbook most relavent to their character type. Imagine that. =P

    Just goes to show that genrosity (and a touch of munchkinism) has no upper price limit...

    peace... Dave