Monday, October 11, 2004

Driving Like A Dick Is Bad Evangelism

This blog entry has even less to do with gaming than the last two, but I got to get this off of my chest. Listen up, people! If you are going to get a religious license plate or bumper sticker, or if you put one of those stupid fish emblems on your car, then it is incumbent upon you to not drive like an asshole! Today there was this champagne-colored Cadillac Catera bobbing and weaving through traffic while displaying a "PSLM 107" license plate. Jackass!

And while we are on the subject, Jesus-based merchandise is JUST PLAIN DUMB. I feel great respect for good people with strong religious convictions. Its a little harder to feel that same respect when those folks allow their faith to be co-opted by mainstream American consumer culture. When did Jesus tell you to buy more stuff? Here's a crazy idea: instead of buying Jesus brand goods, howzabout you feed the hungry and clothe the naked instead?