Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Mutation Compilation

I mentioned a week or two back that I use an expanded mutation chart pillaged built from mutation charts found here and there. Some folks were really digging on this concept and asked me to share this uber-chart monstrosity. I'm not sure I feel comfortable doing that, as all I'm doing is ripping off other people's work. But I am willing to share the list. Originally I had 19 charts to choose from, so the players would roll a d20 to find out which chart to use with a 20 indicating a roll again. Three more charts have been added just yesterday, so I guess my d24 is going to get some use soon.

The Mutation Compilation Master Chart (d24)
1 - Mutant Future human/animal physical mutation chart
2 - Mutant Future human/animal mental mutation chart
3 - Mutant Future plant mutation chart
4 - Dyson Logos's Freak Legion based mutations & drawbacks
5 - Survival RPG mutations chart
6 - Encounter Critical Mutation Powers And Defects chart
7 - fanmade Encounter Critical mutations chart (found it in the official yahoo group)
8 - another fanmade EC mutation chart (also in the Files section of the yahoo group)
9 - Rondo's Severely Messed-Up Mutation Chart (yet another fanmade EC chart)
10 - Supplement V: Carcosa mutations chart
11 - "How Green Was My Mutant" charts for Metamorphosis Alpha from Best of Dragon vol I
12 - The random Hordling charts from page 76 of the original Monster Manual II
13 - Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader mutation chart (the original game, not the new one)
14 - Paranoia Mutant Power Table
15 - mutations chart from a draft post-apoc game that I don't think has been published yet
16 - drawbacks charts from the same unpublished game
17 - Mutant Scavengers of the Ruined Earth! (yes, there is a whole RPG hidden in my charts!)
18 - "Why Is This Mutant Smiling?" chart for Gamma World from Dragon #96
19 - "The Double-Helix Connection" mutation chart for Traveller, Dragon #109
20 - Mutation charts from Savage Swords of Athanor
21 - Joesky's Mutations Table
22 - Person Chaos Attributes chart from the WFRP book Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness as updated by SlackRatchet (I just found this the other day but can't find the link right now.)
23-24 - roll again

Note 1: Since mental and physical mutations are all muddled together in this set-up I give Mutant Animals and Mutant Humanoids a flat d6 rolls on this chart. No d4 from here and d4 from there business.

Note 2: I don't keep the rules to all these extra games handy. Hell, I don't even own some of them. When something comes up that isn't obvious or needs hard stats, the player and I just make something up.