Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Mutation Compilation

I mentioned a week or two back that I use an expanded mutation chart pillaged built from mutation charts found here and there. Some folks were really digging on this concept and asked me to share this uber-chart monstrosity. I'm not sure I feel comfortable doing that, as all I'm doing is ripping off other people's work. But I am willing to share the list. Originally I had 19 charts to choose from, so the players would roll a d20 to find out which chart to use with a 20 indicating a roll again. Three more charts have been added just yesterday, so I guess my d24 is going to get some use soon.

The Mutation Compilation Master Chart (d24)
1 - Mutant Future human/animal physical mutation chart
2 - Mutant Future human/animal mental mutation chart
3 - Mutant Future plant mutation chart
4 - Dyson Logos's Freak Legion based mutations & drawbacks
5 - Survival RPG mutations chart
6 - Encounter Critical Mutation Powers And Defects chart
7 - fanmade Encounter Critical mutations chart (found it in the official yahoo group)
8 - another fanmade EC mutation chart (also in the Files section of the yahoo group)
9 - Rondo's Severely Messed-Up Mutation Chart (yet another fanmade EC chart)
10 - Supplement V: Carcosa mutations chart
11 - "How Green Was My Mutant" charts for Metamorphosis Alpha from Best of Dragon vol I
12 - The random Hordling charts from page 76 of the original Monster Manual II
13 - Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader mutation chart (the original game, not the new one)
14 - Paranoia Mutant Power Table
15 - mutations chart from a draft post-apoc game that I don't think has been published yet
16 - drawbacks charts from the same unpublished game
17 - Mutant Scavengers of the Ruined Earth! (yes, there is a whole RPG hidden in my charts!)
18 - "Why Is This Mutant Smiling?" chart for Gamma World from Dragon #96
19 - "The Double-Helix Connection" mutation chart for Traveller, Dragon #109
20 - Mutation charts from Savage Swords of Athanor
21 - Joesky's Mutations Table
22 - Person Chaos Attributes chart from the WFRP book Realms of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness as updated by SlackRatchet (I just found this the other day but can't find the link right now.)
23-24 - roll again

Note 1: Since mental and physical mutations are all muddled together in this set-up I give Mutant Animals and Mutant Humanoids a flat d6 rolls on this chart. No d4 from here and d4 from there business.

Note 2: I don't keep the rules to all these extra games handy. Hell, I don't even own some of them. When something comes up that isn't obvious or needs hard stats, the player and I just make something up.


  1. That WFRP chart is here. I belive it was Zak from the pornodungeoneering blog who mentioned it last time. I've been using this chart for my Rogue Trader game (the new game, not the original one) and it's great fun. All games should have mutants.

  2. You are my Mutant Lord of choice! I pledge my tentacles at your service!

  3. There was a Traveller mutation system in Dragon Magazine in the early-mid 80s that I liked. Can't remember any specifics. I've still got that issue, I'm sure, and I've been meaning to dig it out.

  4. Thanks for posting this!

  5. FYI: The Traveller mutant table was in Dragon #109 and used a d66 table. Mutations such as Temporal Awareness, Extended Life Span, Psionic Damper, and Photographic Memory. Maybe not exactly the sort of thing you're looking for in your game.

  6. Missed one. From Polyhedron #57 --

    "Mutations - Abilities that Add Spice to Your Gamma World Campaign" by Dale "Slade" Henson

  7. The Earth AD Enhancement Pack has one page of random mutation and cybernetic charts.

  8. I'm still catching up on the best of the blogs as I read this. Jeff, thanks for posting this! Your efforts in this regard remain one of my best inspirations in Mutant Future. I like your rules-light attitude too. :)

  9. RuneQuest Chaos Mutations?

  10. Although my sleep-deprived eyes misread this as "Mutilation Compilation" and I was expecting a critical hit chart, this is cool nonetheless.

    ...and I have a copy of Dragon 109... how did I miss mutations in it?!

  11. You need to add the d1000 "Radiation Manipulations" table from deadEarth.