Friday, February 26, 2010

fabulous prizes

So I mailed out the prizes for the Easy Peasy EC PC contest this morning. Phil Eckert, for 2nd place, is getting a hardcopy of my Asteroid 1618 and one of my homemade bootleg copies of Encounter Critical. The first place winner, Tom Livak, gets Jeff's Crazy Gaming Grab-Bag, containing the following:
  • my other hardcopy of Asteroid 1618
  • a brand new copy of Mutant Future, donated by an anonymous benefactor
  • another of my homemade bootleg copies of Encounter Critical
  • an '81 D&D Basic rulebook (edited by Tom Moldvay, cover by Erol Otus)
  • an '81 D&D Expert rulebook (Cook/Otus)
  • Ley Sector, one of the goofy old Judges Guild sector books for Traveller
  • GW3 Cleansing War of Gareth Blackhand, a module for Gamma World
  • Evil Ruins, a Mayfair Games module from their line of Role Aids AD&D supplements
  • The Dungeoneer, issue 18
  • Dragon issues 71, 86, 170
  • Best of Dragon, volume IV
  • G-1-2-3 Against the Giants
Hopefully you'll get a kick out of some of that stuff, Tom. The rest of you may now officially start being jealous of him.

Incidentally, the Grab-Bag started out as a pile of game books I've got doubles of. I was trying to figure out something cooler to do with this stuff than offering it up on the eBay. That's what led me to the idea of having a contest.


  1. I'm definitely jealous of that copy of Mutant Future; I've been wanting one for ages, but the printing/shipping costs have put me off.

    Another contest!

  2. And I am jealous of the two '81 D&D rule books. Those are the books that welcomed me into the world of RPGs, and those two boxed sets opened up worlds of imagination.

  3. how does it help if you are feeling jealous

  4. the rule books are the ones i am looking for. i dont mind the shipping cost, can you tellme how can i avail it

  5. Wow, wow, that's a nice haul of swag! I'll be sure to bust my biscuts in the next contest you hold. As for Mutant Future, I don't own the a print copy of the rules either. But, I'm pretty happy with the free pdf and the pages of the rules I've printed out and bought some of the Planet Stories books with the $ I could have spent on MF.