Friday, February 26, 2010

fabulous prizes

So I mailed out the prizes for the Easy Peasy EC PC contest this morning. Phil Eckert, for 2nd place, is getting a hardcopy of my Asteroid 1618 and one of my homemade bootleg copies of Encounter Critical. The first place winner, Tom Livak, gets Jeff's Crazy Gaming Grab-Bag, containing the following:
  • my other hardcopy of Asteroid 1618
  • a brand new copy of Mutant Future, donated by an anonymous benefactor
  • another of my homemade bootleg copies of Encounter Critical
  • an '81 D&D Basic rulebook (edited by Tom Moldvay, cover by Erol Otus)
  • an '81 D&D Expert rulebook (Cook/Otus)
  • Ley Sector, one of the goofy old Judges Guild sector books for Traveller
  • GW3 Cleansing War of Gareth Blackhand, a module for Gamma World
  • Evil Ruins, a Mayfair Games module from their line of Role Aids AD&D supplements
  • The Dungeoneer, issue 18
  • Dragon issues 71, 86, 170
  • Best of Dragon, volume IV
  • G-1-2-3 Against the Giants
Hopefully you'll get a kick out of some of that stuff, Tom. The rest of you may now officially start being jealous of him.

Incidentally, the Grab-Bag started out as a pile of game books I've got doubles of. I was trying to figure out something cooler to do with this stuff than offering it up on the eBay. That's what led me to the idea of having a contest.