Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the EPT character names

As requested, here are all the names of my Empire of the Petal Throne pregens:

Agunassaril the Amazing
Beauteous Beyyani
Blessed Bilumanya
Changuu the Bearded
Chirandu the Chanter
Clumsy Kerbello
Doruunal the Distracted
Hideous Hnakal
Huunu the Holy
Merunan the Moronic
Mrang the Mighty
Panyor the Pathetic
Pious Pureep
Sabinal of the Seventeen Sneezes
Sorcerous Sridekellu
The Inscrutable One (the token non-human)
Urthalek the Unimpressive
Uuglava the Undefeated
Vazilo the Vanquisher
Verqa of the Veil

My taste in PC names is probably most influenced by the sample characters in the modules Against the Giants and In Search of the Unknown.