Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wi+ches & Wiz_rds 3: The Unsettling Art of Buburuz

These pieces by Cathy Buburuz remind me a bit of Erol Otus, in that stylization trumps realism, allowing for eerie effects that maybe wouldn't translate well had the pieces been done in the Renfaire Fantasy tradition of Easley and such. Also, holy crap Yog-Sothoth is wrapping a tentacle around Saturn!

Double dog dare to all the DMs out there: Next time you use nagas in your game, show the players the picture above or below this text.

Buburuz's spiders creep me the hell out.

A spaceship flying through space? Best post-Kirby use of inexplicable space-dots I've ever seen.

This tower or one like appears in several images. I am totally writing an adventure around it.

Apart from the facial hair this 4-armed person looks feminine to me. A four-armed mutant hermaphrodite wizard, perhaps? The king/queen of the strange tower? Are those eyes closed or are they angry pupiless orbs?

So this Catherine Buburuz artist seems totally rad to the max to me. Judging by the few pieces I have it seems to me that she's got something unique to share and the means to articulate it to the audience. That's a lot more interesting to me than one more pic of a dude with a sword throwing down with a dragon. Not that I'm against that sort of thing.