Sunday, December 30, 2007

...and we're back.

So I've been mostly internets-free during my Xmas festivities. How are things going, internets? I'm working off a crappy connection right now so I can't do images or even things like font changes and italics. Maybe I'll be able to tart up this post tomorrow. [Update -Added some pics and stuff 1/1/08]

Two of the cool presents I got seem to me to be very suitable to prospective Nobilis GMs. I know I'm behind the curve on trendy videogames, but Katamari Damacy strikes me as a perfect exploration of the dysfunctional relations ship between a Noble PC and a crazy Imperator boss. The King of All Cosmos is a great template for a testy and inexplicable Imperator to keep the PCs lives interesting. Anyone who runs Nobilis ought to check out that beautiful little console gem. Heck, anybody who likes quirky little videogames should check it out. The other game that might be of use to Nobilis GMs is En Garde!, the oldey moldey proto-RPG (1st edition 1975) of 17th century gentlemen of adventure. Like Nobilis everyone is ostensibly fighting some sort of war, but the real action is at court, with political intrigues, deadly duels, and romantic entanglements. A look at how players can pimp each other over in grand old France might serve a Nobilis GM well. Or combine these two items, replacing the King of France with the King of All Cosmos, for extra crazy-go-nuts fun!

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about this little Traveller setting idea that came to me in a dream. For reals.