Friday, September 01, 2006

TV chit-chat

Last night I managed to watch some grown-up TV shows, at least if you count the wrestling show and Who Wants To Be A Superhero? as grown-up shows. As I returned from putting my daughter to bed I found my wife watching the last few minutes of Superhero. She's not a geek beyond owning the Star Wars films in multiple versions and formats, but reality shows are definitely her thing. Of the two finalists I was really hoping for Fat Momma to take home the prize, but earlier in the show I had liked Major Victory and Ty'veculus. I didn't really see enough of the series to make a fair evaluation though, a deficiency my wife plans to cure by buying me the DVDs. Rather than offer my own ill-informed analysis, I'll link to the commentary by Scipio of the Absorbascon.

Later in the evening I watched a pretty good episode of TNA Impact!, although there were some rough spots. Once again they tried to push Bobby Roode via promo package rather than putting the man in the ring, but at least he promised an appearance in the Impact Zone next week. The other big problem was the final sequence. Am I the only one who thinks the last segment on a wrestling show whould be the main event match? Instead we get a Jeff Jarrett/Jim Cornette talkfest. I've already emailed TNA regarding my concerns over too much Jim Cornette. Wrestling shows should always keep the focus on the wrestlers and the wrestling and each usage of Jim Cornette as the corporate guy blurs that focus. Also, Jarrett's use of AK-47's as props in the ring was completely inexcusable. Guns and wrestling do not mix! The old "Brian Pillman's got a gun!" angle should have been enough to convince everyone of that. Am I the only TNA fan who remembers that debacle?