Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Now THAT'S a monster

It seems that Goodman Games, the folks who brought us the excellent Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure modules, has gotten into the metal minis business. The Dungeon Crawl Classics Miniatures feature a nice mix of old school PCs (no dungeonpunks need apply), special characters from the DCC adventures, and some absolutely fabulous monsters. Check out this amazig otyugh sculpt:

Dig the white chompers.  This monster takes dental hygeine seriously.
This critter neatly sums up what makes the DCC line so great. Goodman doesn't just repackage the Good Old Days for nostalgic consumption. They take everything that was great about the bygone eras of dungeon hacking and builds something new and exciting with those materials. Just like this otyugh re-interprets the classic beasty without losing the essence of the monster.

PS: If anybody from Goodman is reading this, please hurry up and get Belly of the Great Beast out the door! I'd love to use it in my current campaign dropped in between the current adventure and the next one, but I can't hardly run it after Ragnarok. That'd be gauche.