Friday, September 29, 2006

once again: 5 links

Flow in Games - a master's thesis tackling fun in video games, but I think it could be applicable to the tabletop

The original Sorcerer - I like this outfit much better than Hennet's goth-club gear, though I don't think I would send a PC of mine into a dungeon with his twig and berries hanging out.

The Dragonquest Shrine - I never played any of the DQ titles, but I absolutely adore some of the monster art you can find here. Evil has never been cuter!

Space Chicks: An alternative history of the future - I don't drop a lot of political stuff on this blog, but I found this item pretty amusing.

The Rasterbator - Not as naughty as it sounds, I'm afraid. This site allows you to make a cool-looking poster from any image.