Monday, January 30, 2006

Local News Hits Wonkette

International blog phenom Wonkette ("Politics for People with Dirty Minds") currently has up an item about an RNC party in Bloomington, IL tomorrow night. This story has every thing: creepy racism, Hillary hate, Representative Tim Johnson, gay bars! Seriously!


  1. Well, the whole thing was a hoax. Someone spoofed the website and Wonkette fell for it and I fell for Wonkette. Always verify, people.

    (This is why I feel kinda bad for folks like Rich Sample who read this blog for gaming news. I'm not a journalist and it shows.)

  2. Actually, I know you are just a proxy for rpgpundit...but I like padding his/yours/whatever comment count.

    Verify? Like that "Million Little Pieces" Frey and cult leader Oprah? Nah, it must be true, it was on the IntehrWeb...

    You mean we're not going to burn Ted Kennedy in effigy? Just to maintain balance we could burn Orin Hatch in effigy also...
    I actually read your site and rpgpundits (along with some enworld) as my workplace has blocked forums. I'm not really sure why, but I think it was a good thing, ultimately, when I hear stories like "Administrator bans self!!!...story at 11"

    Keep up the good