Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A&A Miniatures Update

I still haven't bought any figures yet (apart from a Starter set for Pat's birthday) but I'm still making some efforts to follow the development of the Axis & Allies collectible minis game. Sometime during the holiday season blur the Wizards released the first expansion, rather dully titled Set II. Here's a PDF giving the list of new units and other vital info. They've added a few Nationalist Chinese, Polish, and Romanian units to the game with Set II, as well as expanding the selections for the main Allied and Axis powers. I wish I could point you to a handy figure gallery but Wizards seems to be hiding the link from me.

The next release on the schedule comes in March. They're calling this one Contested Skies. What, Set III not good enough for you all of the sudden? Anyway, the press blurb says that "Contested Skies features fighter planes, antiaircraft guns, tank destroyers, motorcycles, forward observers and more."

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