Thursday, January 19, 2006

Is anybody doing this?

One of things I like about the Feng Shui rulebook are the schtick trees. As I recall Exalted does something similar as well. I'm not talking about the game mechanic (though I like those, too) but rather how they are presented graphically.

Schtick/Charm 1-->Schtick/Charm 2-->Schtick/Charm 3-->Schtick/Charm 4

When a certain Schtick or Charm can lead down two different paths that is represented by a branching tree graphic, which I will not reproduce here because it's a hassle.

I would really like to see some visual aids like this for D&D feats. Somebody really ought to have a website that has these trees all mapped out, with each feat on the tree linked to a page with the SRD entry. Does anyone know of such a site? If not, maybe I should do it myself.

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