Sunday, January 22, 2006

Descent into the Neitherworld

Stuart, one of the fellows in my D&D campaign, has started a nifty new blog called Neitherworld Stories. Stuart's a smart guy and a lot of fun to game with, so I really look forward to seeing what sort of things he puts in his little corner of the blogosphere.* Another imteresting thing is that he's the one guy I know locally who fluently speaks both the crude patois of the dungeonhacker and the obscure dialects of the White Wolfians. Some day I'm going to pin him down and make him explain in small words how the Storyteller dice pool system works.

*Yes, I did just write about a sphere having a corner.


  1. The real explanation might be that it doesn't really work. ;)

  2. The basic idea?

    Rolling big numbers is good, therefore rolling many big numbers must be better.

    I suspect your confusion is caused by the fact that there are multiple versions of the Storyteller system. While they all use the same basic mechanic (more or less), they tend to interpret the results slightly differently.

    Thanks for the plug, byt the way.