Friday, September 30, 2005


So for the last week or so I've been poking around a bit in Wikipedia, mostly looking up the kayfabe biographies of professional wrestlers. The rasslin' section is quite extensive. While I was flipping through pages I decided to see if anyone had updated the Wraeththu entry. Lo and behold, someone has added and external link to my very own Wraeththu Report. It's very nice to see links back to that, as it was a lot of work to put together.

Although in a previous post I was ragging on Kaissa, the Gorean chess variant, I've since considered that maybe the game ought to be allowed to stand on its own two feet apart from its dubious origin. I think maybe it's because I recalled a maxim from Old Man Murray: "If it was found that Hitler had designed a FPS in his final days in the bunker, I would give it a try and hope that it was good." To this end I am working on a Chess Variants page that examines the game in a vacuum, much the same way I approached Enochian Chess. Here's my attempt to put Kaissa on a graphical footing more in line with the mainstream of chess variants, if such a mainstream actually exists:

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  1. I got to do something about the color scheme of that board. It reaches out of the screen and assaults my retinas.