Wednesday, September 07, 2005

FlatCon, for sure this time

I've dithered about it for 2 years now, but this year I am absolutely going to FlatCon in Bloomington. This time I'm not going to change my mind at the last minute, because I just submitted an event to run. Assuming anyone is crazy enough to sign up for it, I will be running Excursion into the Bizarre on Friday afternoon of the con. I also just ordered eight d24's to use for the event. Stat checks in EitB normally use 4d6. Maybe I'm the laziest gamer in the world, but I find rolling and totalling that many dice to be a pain. And the linear probability spread of a single die better fits a comedy game anyhow.

Now I got to get cracking on some charsheets and an adventure. My adventure idea is a two-parter. In the first part an NPC party member (the only human in the party) has just found a hot lead to get the party back to their home dimensions. Unfortunately he has subsequently gone missing. Once they find the ersthile human, the second part if following up on the lead, which involves mad science. I'd say more, but I don't want to give away my rivetting excuse for violent hijinks plot. For PCs I'm going with an eightpack of the following: elf, dwarf, orc, troll, bull, catgirl, skunk, and platypus. I think the elf will be a mage of indeterminate gender. The platypus will be a fighter pilot. Do you think a halfing is inherently funnier than a dwarf? I'm not sure which is a better choice.


  1. coeli3:18 PM

    I've never been to FlatCon, but perhaps I'll make it this year. Your game sounds like a blast.

    In my opinion, dwarves are funnier than halflings. I can't articulate why, though. :)

  2. While not subject to as much of my
    ire as gnomes, I usually disfavor halflings
    for their comedy relief value.
    I think the dour straightman/drunken loon
    vibe of dwarves works better. Kind of like
    short Protestants.

    Personally I'd vote for a flightless bird as
    pilot (penguin, perhaps), and the
    platypus as a SEAL. With the animal-earth
    so balkanized, I'd think special forces,
    skirmishers, and mercenaries would all
    be prevalent.

  3. The platypus fighter pilot thing is an RPGnet in-joke. Poster SteveD has as his avatar an anthro platypus illo from Palladium's Mutants Down Under, which, when shrunk and cropped, looks like a fighter pilot helmet with oxygen mask.