Friday, September 02, 2005

Campaigns and One-Shots

My D&D and MnM campaigns are sputtering along, but the end of both is within sight. My superhero game was always explicitly 12 'issues' and we're over the hump. I think my D&D campaign will last no longer than the conclusion of the Dungeon Interludes module from Goodman Games, but I might be able to get a few sessions past that with Dungeon adventures and internet freebies and such. But I am not prepared to buy any more 3.5 modules and I don't own much stuff that will support 3.5 play past 10th level or so.

So where do I go from here? One idea I've had is to concentrate on one-shots and mini-campaigns. I'd like to run World of Synnibarr for a session or two. I've got an idea for a connected series of one-shots (an action movie tetrology, actually) for Feng Shui. And I've got lots of crazie indie and small press crap I'd like to try. Converting my small store of Boot Hill material over to Savage Worlds ought to yield a fun mini-campaign. And I'd like to do some more wargaming one-shots. More Starmada and BattleTech especially, but also Greg Stolze's Meatbox Massacre and some Dawn Patrol.

And then there's All Flesh Must Be Eaten. I'd like to do something zombified with it. A one-shot. A mini-campaign. A con event. Something. If I were to run a new ongoing campaign (i.e. with no pre-determined endpoint or victory condition) then AFMBE is on the short list. Either a longterm zombieworld game or else a non-zombie wrestling campaign (using Zombie Smackdown's wrestling rules). Now that I think about it, a wrestling campaign with an explicit victory condition could work. "First PC to win the big championship wins the campaign." That could work, but I'd need to figure out a way to make tag-teams relevant. Hmmmm.

For the upcoming Winter War (and I've been assured that there will be a Winter War in '06, despite the demolition of our past venue) I'm thinking about running three games. Now that I've reviewed it, I really want to run Excursion into the Bizarre. Assuming anybody will sign up for it. Second, I told Kathleen (RPGnetter coeli) that I would run my Fantabulous Five superhero idea as a Winter ar event. I haven't settled on a rules system, but I'm leaning towards rules light and possibly comedic. Strong candidates at the moment are Powergame and Risus. My main problem running rules light is that I tend to sputter out after about 2 hours with most rules light games. Maybe a planned intermission would help me with that. I'd like to run a third game, but at the moment I'm split between a Saturday night horror game (probably AFMBE) or running something crazy, like SenZar or World of Synnibarr. The problem with running Synnibarr is that I would probably need two 4-hour con slots, one to make the PCs and one to play the game. Because if you are going to sucker people into playing Synnibarr, you absolutely must put them through the nonsensical meatgrinder that is char gen.