Wednesday, April 13, 2005

JCon '05

So apparently when doing the paperwork for an RPGA Living Greyhawk event your sessions needs a name. James dubbed last night's get-together as JCon '05. Someone congratulate me, I have my own gaming convention! JCon consisted of one staff member (me), one judge (James), 3 attendees (Doug, Pat, and Bruce) and one visitor (Beth). We had two events, back-to-back Living Greyhawk scenarios. All in all, I would consider the first JCon a rousing success. Check back to this blog as more JCon events are scheduled. :D

Monday night was boardgame night, at the end of which I discussed my character Ahjay a bit with Bruce. He offered some free advice on my PC, which resulted in me doing a rewrite over my lunchbreak yesterday. Ahjay 2.0 is a swashbuckler 1 instead of a monk 1. So of course ther were at least two points during the night in which being a monk would have been super helpful. The other funny part was that Pat made a swashbuckler too. I think you can tell the two of us apart though: he's the elf and I'm the black woman. ;)

One of my highlights of the night was when I successfully planned and implemented a Tumble roll to avoid an Attack of Opportunity and followed that up with poking the bad guy with my rapier. Huzzah! I was also pleasantly surprised by how easy the RPGA paperwork turned out to be. I think we'll be playing more of this stuff in the future.


  1. Just thought of something else I wanted to add: James brought along a large selection of Official D&D minis for use last night. I was singularly impressed with the quality of both the sculpts and the paintjobs on every figure I examined closely.

  2. Elf and Black Woman:
    They Fight Crime!