Monday, April 18, 2005

In college I experimented...

...with media. I bought more books, magazines, comics, and albums during my four years at the U than at any other time before or since. One of the musical groups I was big into during that period was a Brit-chick duo called Shakespeare's Sister. I played the crap out of a cassette of their '92 album Hormonally Yours. One song from Hormonally Yours (a mournful, ethereal number called "Stay") made it into heavy rotation on MtV. This was back in the paleolithic era when they showed videos most of the time. They broke up shortly after announcing a forthcoming sequel to this minor hit. For years I thought they only released one album, but it turns out I was wrong. Turns out Hormonally was their second release. In 1989 they released their debut album, Sacred Heart. Unfortunately my usual media outlet these days, the Amazon, does not acknowledge that Shakespeare's Sister ever existed. I'd check eBay, but I'm having problems accessing it today.

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  1. Thanks to Pat I nw know that the name of the group is Shakespear's Sister. That missing 'e' was vexing my Amazon searches.