Friday, April 29, 2005

Decisions, decisions

I need to come up with another character for next Friday's Living Greyhawk game. We'll be playing 2 intro modules and my swashbuckler PC will either be dead or level 2 by the end of the first one. Only 1st level characters can play intros. I've been knocking around concepts and I'm down to three basic ideas:

Healer Dude: Either a bard, druid, or *gasp* cleric. Maybe a cleric of a druidic deity will help the medicine go down. Or some bastard of a deity like Ralishaz. Perhaps with a mystic theurge prestige class in the planning. I can be a team player. I honestly don't mind playing support characters like clerics, I just happen to hate the typical holier-than-thou walking medic most clerics are played as. Hell, maybe I could break the mold by building a cleric of St. Cuthbert or Pholtus who is not a total ass.

Burninator: The spellcaster what casts the spells that makes the peoples fall down! Prolly a human sorcerer. I like the faster spell progression of the wizard (who doesn't?) but my informants on EN World say spellbooks and such are hard to find in most Living Greyhawk modules. Also, the Wrinkle Academy. Other campaign settings get wizardly orders with names like the Invisible College of Thaumaturgy. Verbobonc gets Wrinkle Academy. Suddenly Hennet seems a lot cooler than before.

Axer: He will hit you with his axe! Fighter, ranger, paladin, barbarian, whatever. Just give me a greataxe and a roomful of orcs.

Maybe I'll make two or three of these dudes over the next few days so we can try to put together something resembling a coherent team.

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  1. And maybe I'll whip up a monk while I'm at it. Greyhawk can always use more inexplicable kung fu action.