Monday, January 03, 2005

Current Gaming Projects

Blue Rose Fast Play - May run this weekend. One shot with no commitment past the intro scenario. Only prep involves re-reading the Fast Play rules/scenario and making some extra char sheets. High priority at the moment, but little work needs to be done.

Occult Crimes Taskforce (Savage Worlds) - Con game. Currently a big blank. Prep needed: medium. Priority: High.

Catch Me When You Can (Call of Cthulhu) - Con game. 6 PCs done. Basic outline of badguys activities. Prep needed: Dear God it's devouring my very existence! Prioirty: Very high. I desparately want this to Not Suck.

Home Team - Making some progress on converting from first edition Heroes Unlimited (what was I thinking?!?) to Mutants & Masterminds. I am hoping to start the campaign back up after the con.

Foe File - Between some writer's block and a crisis of faith (should I even be doing this?) I am completely paralyzed at the moment.

Mekton - Jesus wants me to run it, so I need to develop a campaign. Currently Emerald Knights of Uresia and Steel Dragons are the campaigns in contention for this slot. See below for more details on these ideas.

Risus - All I got is a vague idea that I would like to run some Risus. Maybe I could rip off a TV show, like Star Trek or Dr. Who or the Prisoner.

d20 Modern - Still nothing firm back from the nephews. Until I hear from them regarding a schedule I don't plan on working on this.