Monday, October 09, 2017

Fave images from All the Worlds' Monsters

All The Worlds' Monsters was an early Chaosium product (1977) that compiled a bunch of crazy critters from an array of D&D referees, including notables such as Dave Hargrave, Clint Bigglestone, and Steve Marsh as well as lesser known figures of the era.  They were edited into consistent statblocks by Jeff Pimper and Steve Perrin.  The screengrab here of the cover scan really doesn't do justice to the awesome George Barr cover.

My first up close and personal encounter with this product wasn't until the 1990's, when my good buddy Pat got a hold of a copy and used it to write a pretty trippy adventure.  My Demogorgon-worshiping half-orc assassin/cleric killing an Air Squid with an arquebus is a cherished memory.  Critter by the great Dave Hargrave, illo by Carol Rode.

When Roger Harvey's Coachman of Death shows up, he turns a PC into a zombie and then carries them off in the back of his coach.  Another Carol Rode illo.

The X-Ray beast is another Dave Hargrave creation.  Its eye shoots deadly radiation and can see through walls.  Illo also by Carol Rode.

Tucked in the back of the book is an interesting version of the dungeon level versus monster level chart.

You can get a PDF copy of this wacky product and its two follow-up volumes for five bucks each at DriveThru.

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