Friday, October 20, 2017

a silly experiment

I wanted to see what the party would look like if I simply took the first image that google came up with for each of the seven BX classes.


Is this guy supposed to be a dwarf?  Eh, he'll do as a short and stocky human cleric.


Nice.  This guy looks ready for some adventure.


This result is perfect in every way.


Buy this fellow some armor and weapons and I'm sure he'll get the job done.


Shoes on halflings make me sad.  I worry they are the victim of cultural pressure to conform inflicted by the shod races.


Not the beardy Gandalf I expected, but I'm not disappointed either.


Looks like a ninja badass, but only gets d4 hit points at 1st level,  That's a typical BX thief.

That was kinda fun.  If I could draw I'd do a group sketch.  Anyway, I may have to try the same thing with some Moldvay Basic monsters.

Cool guy Kelvin Green drew the party!  Thanks, dude!

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