Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Shimmering Swords of Shallamaballa

The Glittering Knights of Shallamaballa are a nearly forgotten memory.  Shallamaballa was one of the many tiny worlds accessible only via a Rainbow Bridge, of which Asgard is the most famous and most butch.  The Glittering Knights were the protectors of the Fabulous Realm until it was destroyed by the Slayers, the strange servitors of the Beast of the Black Fortress.  Now all that remains of that heroic order are a handful of its legendary magic swords.

A Shimmering Sword typically takes the form of a rapier or other light one-handed blade, usually with a basket guard.  Curvy scimitars and gigantic daiklaive style two-handed versions are sometimes encountered as well.  When drawn a Shimmering Sword produces a small burst of colorful sparks, typically baby blue, hot pink or deep purple in hue.  The same colorful sparks trace bright arcs through the air as the wielder swings the blade in battle.

Mechanically, the following rules apply to any Shimmering Sword
  • Magic Blade: +2 to-hit and damage
  • Friend to Magic Horsies: +2 reactions from unicorns, pegasi, and etc.
  • Too Damn Shiny: unable to surprise foes with eyes while blade is drawn
  • Argh! My Eyes!:once per day on a missed swing the wielder may attempt to temporarily blind his foe with a light display, save versus paralysis to avoid d6 rounds of blindness, -1 to save for each extra eye above two, if foe uses ultravision a failed save indicates they are knocked out for d6 turns instead
I have no idea what this screenshot is from.

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