Wednesday, April 17, 2013

random dwarf names

This is a quick and ridiculous extrapolation from the names of those wacky dwarves in The Hobbit.


First Part
1-3. B-
4. D-
5. Dw-
6. F-
7. G-
8. Gl-
9. K-
10. N-
11. O-
12. Th- or T-

Second Part
1. -alin
2. -ifur
3. -ili
4. -in
5. -ofur
6. -oin or -loin
7. -ombur
8. -om_ur
9. -ori
10. -orin or -horin
11. -ri
12. -walin

  1. When you get double letters (e.g. Dwwalin) you can drop one or keep them both and try to figure out what it means.  Maybe you could even insert an apostrophe, like so many bad fantasy and sci-fi names. "Dw'walin."
  2. If you get "-om_ur" you have two options. A) Simply insert the first part you rolled again, such as Tomtur or Glomglur.  B) Roll a second "first" part, for names like Tomglur or Dwanur.
  3. Option B) above can also work with the middle f of -ifur and -ofur if you want.
  4. You're on your own with pronounciations of some of these results.