Monday, April 09, 2012

You are the Unknown

All y'all should go to this page at Snorri's joint A Wizard in a Bottle and check out the pdf Searchers of the Unknown.  It's a one-page D&D house rules thing-a-ma-bob and I think it's pretty great.  Searchers isn't exactly new, but over on G+ the other day Chris McDowell of SoogaGames reminded me of it's existence, with his comment "Anyone that runs or plays D&D should be required to play Searchers of the Unknown for at least one session. It should come packaged on one sheet with every version of the game."

Please, seriously, if you haven't read it take the few minutes necessary to do so, then come back and answer these questions.

1) Is it still D&D if your character doesn't have Str, Int, Dex, Wis, Con and Cha scores?  Are the presence or absence of those stats dealbreakers for you?  This is one of the big humps I would have to get over to run this great little game.  Those six rolls of 3d6 matter a lot to me, even in editions where they don't do that much mechanically.

2) Having a character class seems like a pretty core part of the D&D experience to me as well.  On the other hand, everybody starting out as some jerk with a spear and no particular skills seems like a pretty good match for my usual "down-and-dirty" approach to starting a D&D campaign.  What if the only character classes available were Prestige Classes?  You want to play a wizard?  You absolutely must seek one out in play and apprentice up.  That's a bit similar to the WFRP approach, except you wouldn't necessarily hop from class to class.