Friday, March 18, 2011

so hey, I made this diagram

I made this chart because I'm trying to figure something out.  I have two contradictory impulses when it comes to rules for Magic-Users.

1) I like the simplicity of "Here's your list of spells known, pick 2 from column A and one from column B that you have ready to go."

2) I also enjoy seeing magic-users track down ancient tomes to try to glean new spells from them, wrenching every last iota of power from those faded glyphs and obscure charts.

Anyhoo, step 3 above is the basic mechanic of the Vancian system.  Step 2 often ends up working via fiat in my experience, unless your DM actually uses the "% Chance to Know" chart from 1st edition AD&D/Holmes Basic/Supp 1 Greyhawk.  I like the idea behind the % to Know chart, but the implementation is dry and sparse.  Step 1 and Step 2 have a pretty interesting implementation in Call of Cthulhu that might be worth ripping off.