Tuesday, March 08, 2011

new spells for your consideration/consternation

The first one I'll blame on John Milton (Paradise Lost, Book 2, lines 648 ff.) but the second one seems to be all my fault.

Brood of Sin
Level: 3
Duration: 2d6 rounds
Range: Self

This spell causes the abdomen of the caster to distend and contort in agony for one full round, at the end of which the caster gives birth to 2d6 Hellhounds.  These monsters obey the caster's commands for the duration of the spell.  At the end of the spell's duration any surviving Hellhounds will return the way came, gnawing on the innards of the caster for one round, which causes d6-1 damage.

Males casting this spell must save or die.  A successful save indicates 2d6 damage upon giving birth, as well as total destruction of the caster's generative organs.

The summoned Hellhounds will not fight Arch-Devils, Demon Princes, Balrogs or Cthulhoid Entities, returning to the caster's womb early rather than facing such foes.

Face of Terror
Level: 1
Duration: d6 turns
Range: 120'

For the final somatic component of this spell the caster rips their own face off, revealing the grinning, bloody skull beneath.  Up to 3d6 foes of one hit die or less flee in absolute panic with no save or the caster can direct the effect at any single foe of more hit dice, who is allowed a save.

If the caster loses their face somehow (stolen by gremlins, burnt up by a fireball, etc) it will grow back in d6 days.  During this time the caster's Charisma is halved and they cannot recast the spell.

Two casters who both know this spell can use it to swap faces, but only by targeting each other and both successfully saving.

Update: Ed over at Esoteric Murmurs has provided a cool illo for Face of Terror.