Monday, December 06, 2010

Semiprecious Stones, base 50gp value

Bloodstone, a.k.a. Heliotrope

According to wikipedia when the inclusions are primarily yellow instead of red the stone is sometimes called a Plasma.  But if I told my players they found a Plasma Stone they would assume it could shoot beams of ionic energy or something.


Cairngorm is a specifically Scottish variety of Smoky Quartz and is normally listed under that category in the charts.  It's a cool name with a specific look, so I gave them their own category here.


Darker, harder carnelians are often called Sard (see below).



The bluer varieties tend to be the most valuable.


Morion is a particular dark or even opaque variant of Smoky Quartz (see below).

Onyx comes in a variety of colors but black is common.

Rock Crystal

I could see a scenario where folks not well versed in gemstones could be tricked into thinking a cut rock crystal was actually a diamond.


A darker, harder variant of carnelian.


Sardonyx is literally layers of sard and onyx.

Smoky Quartz

Star Rose Quartz

This is just plain cool.