Thursday, June 10, 2010

Question of the Day

I've got some thoughts on Imperishable Fame's dungeons I want to type up later tonight, but first I want to highlight a question from an earlier installment in the series.  (The comments have been super-awesome by the way.  Keep those tough questions and neat observations comings!)  Anyway, here's richard's question:
So I wonder; are your PIEs "modern?" making their own way in progressive, eschatological time?
My first reaction to this question was "Man, do I even know what the crap this means?" But I guess since I imagine a forward arrow of time, with the PCs making changes (improvements? that's up to them) to the campaign world, the answer is a tentative 'yes'. On the other hand I've got some ideas about tying the PCs to destiny where you take the destiny rules from  "Believe it or not, Fantasy has reality" (Dragon #40, August 1980) plus Pendragon style multi-generation rules to make destinies that can be fufilled even when you are killed by rats at level 1.

Maybe you've got some ideas you'd like to share in this regard, richard?