Monday, June 28, 2010

Encounter Critical scenario starters (d12)

1.  What if Cobra Commander was trying to conquer outer space?
2.  Remember how near the end of Excalibur ol’ Merlin became a dream ghost?  Somebody really ought to go into the Dreamlands and rescue that guy.
3. What if the galaxy was patrolled by the Justice League of the Federation (Kirk is Superman, Spock is Batman, etc.*)
4.  Re-watch The Wizard of Oz and keep repeating to yourself this mantra: A Primitive Robodroid Pioneer with a War Axe.  Enlightenment will follow.
5.  What if vampires were sort of anti-Kryptonians, i.e. powerless in yellow sunlight but ultra-rad under the rays of a red sun?
6.  Take a romantic comedy/chick flick/etc. and reuse the plot in deadly earnest.  (Example: Steel Magnolias involves a woman who may not survive giving birth to her dynasty’s heir, a rich heiress who spends her money on whatever catches her fancy, a grumpy witch with a giant hound, a crazy woman who makes cakes out of exotic animals, a doxy who finds religion and Tom Skerritt with a gun.  Seriously, you could make a whole friggin’ campaign offa that flick.)
7.  What if black holes were really the feeding orifices of some extradimensional predator?
8.  What if Galactus decided that the Death Star was too big a threat to his food supply?
9.  What if 2010: A Space Odyssey ended with Earth being invaded by giant cannibal space babies?
10.  Samuel L. Jackson survived that fall in Episode III, he’s got a wicked pirate hook hand and he’s organizing the dregs of Coruscant undersociety to kick some Imperial ass.
11.  Three words: Ork-Melmac War.
12.  What if Harry Mudd sold your favorite planet to the Daleks?

*Please forward all photoshops, sketches and cosplay pics of Wonder Woman Uhuru to jrients at gmail dot com.