Monday, April 20, 2009

this dude is awesome

The back cover is a woodblock print by Kuniyoshi depicting the death of Banzuin Chobe'e, the leader of a prominent gang of the townsmen of Edo...
I think this guy's name is also spelled Chobei or Kobei in some sources. According to some online sources the yakuza consider him a founding father, while in kabuki he's often an honorable Robin Hood figure. Either way, he looks totally badass here. For crying out loud, he's got a spear going through his leg and the dude is just kicking back having a drink. And then apparently he dies.

I wish I had a better scan to share with you, but this is from the back cover of a library book with a plastic cover protector taped in place. By the way, the book is Samurai Warlords: The Book of the Daimyo by Stephen Turnbull. Mr. Turnbull penned several books on the subject.