Saturday, June 07, 2008

My zeroth impressions of 4e

I took my daughter to her favorite eating establishment for dinner. After polishing off our meef quesaritos Elizabeth informed me that she wanted to go to the nearest bookstore. Pages for All Ages has been a favorite bookstore of mine for more than a decade. It has all the amenities of big chain bookstore combined with the personal touch that comes from being locally owned and operated.

(Back in '97 or so they had no problem stocking some obscure stuff for the Masonic reading circle I was running at the time. The other store I contacted for that project wouldn't touch the order unless I promised to personally buy any copies that didn't sell. And that joint was run by a self-proclaimed Brother o' the 3rd degree. Of course, he said he got his degrees in some California lodge. Maybe it was one of those rogue operations they warn you about.)

Anyway, when my daughter asked to go to Pages, I thought to myself Hey, what the hell. I'll use this opportunity to check out the 4e corebooks. Elizabeth browses a bit before picking out a book or three and sometimes she plays with the toys available in the kids area. In the time that took I figured that I could at least flip through the new PHB.

No dice. Or more accurately, no books. The small RPG section had no 4e books. The nearest endcaps had no 4e books. The new releases section had no RPG books. Either they sold out yesterday or they're hiding them or they didn't order any or no one could be bothered to get them out on their street date or the day after. I hadn't expected it to be any problem to find the corebooks at this store. Their RPG section is shrinking, but they still stock new stuff.

I wasn't in any big hurry to take a look at 4e, but now that I've been frustrated once I want it a little bit more. My brain just works that way. Hopefully Armored Gopher (my FLGS) has some copies. I'm going to try to get over there this weekend and take a look at them. Most of what I've read online about 4e has been personally discouraging, but I feel kinda foolish writing off a new edition of D&D without at least looking at the actual books first.