Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Star Wars campaign concepts

Just spitballing some ideas for Star Wars campaign configurations.

Clone Wars

The pitch: Hey, let's all beat up some battledroids!

Primary inspiration: Clone Wars cartoons

Pros: High action with plenty of Jedi, but room for elite clone trooper PCs and the occasional oddball. That wicked awesome Sith chick as a villain.

Cons: Lotsa fights does not necessarily equal "epic".

Dark Times

The pitch: Everyone is Han Solo and the Empire is the Man.

Primary inspiration: The original film, trashy 70s sci-fi novels

Pros: All the trappings of Traveller tramp freighter play in the the Star Wars universe.

Cons: Fewer lightsabre fights.

Your Own Private Galaxy

The pitch: Forget those guys. Let's make our own Star Wars universe!

Primary inspiration: This post.

Pros: A whole friggin' galaxy to mess around with.

Cons: More prep work.

Rebel Scum

The pitch: Kick the Empire in the balls!

Primary inspiration: The first two films.

Pros: Every right-thinking human being instantly gets the concept.

Cons: Working in the shadow of Luke, Leia, and Han.

A Parallel Saga

The pitch: Between the movies there was a whole 'nother saga, starring you!

Primary inspiration: All six films.

Pros: An opportunity to participate in the overarching canonical storyline while the Hollywood types are offscreen.

Cons: Easy to get tangled up in canon wankery. The Rise and Fall of the House of Skywalker will be a hard act to follow.

A Long Time Ago in The Seventies

The pitch: Remember how open and wondrous the first film felt? We can bottle that lighting!

Primary inspiration: The original film, pre-Empire novels, comics. The Holiday Special.

Pros: Everything you love about the old film that started it all, with none of the later edits.

Cons: Painfully dated.