Wednesday, June 06, 2007

some RPG news

  • Star Wars Saga Edition is out and intitial reports are very favorable. This might be the Star Wars rpg that I actually A) buy and B) run.
  • According to a credible source at Citizens of the Imperium, Traveller 5 is not coming out this month as originally planned. Look for a beta release of some sort later this year. Based upon a few snippets of insider info, I'd say this delay is definitely for the best.
  • No sign on the horizon of Phil Reed completing his Four Color open FASERIP project. The last communication from him on the official message board is from May 19th, where he seems to indicate that he was almost done at that time. You got our money, Mr. Reed. Howzabout finishing up your end of the bargain? Pretty please?
  • Worldwide Adventure Writing Month seems to be going swimmingly, both in terms of general participation and the amount of work I've complete on my own adventure. It's not too late to jump on board!